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AC Replacement
Air Conditioning Replacement 

AC Installation in Lake Charles, LA

When you need to install a new HVAC system, it's important to work with a trusted AC contractor to ensure everything goes smoothly. Replacing an air conditioner is a significant task, and an improper installation can lead to many problems. Hiring a licensed professional to handle your AC replacement is critical to ensuring the job done correctly.


From new construction HVAC installations to AC replacements, Moreau’s Heating and AC is here for you. We are proud to offer top-notch air conditioning services to Lake Charles residents. Contact Moreau's today to schedule your AC installation in Lake Charles.

Affordable AC Replacement in Lake Charles

Replacing your AC system is never convenient, particularly if it breaks down unexpectedly. That's why the friendly professionals at Moreau's Heating & AC strive to make the process as tension-free as possible. We work to locate the most effective replacement system that fits your budget and install it quickly with minimal disruption to your comfort. We also offer HVAC financing options (subject to approved credit) when you're ready.


Signs Your Aging AC Needs Replacement

If you're not sure whether it's time to replace your aging AC, here are a few signs that it's not working as it should. If your AC is over 10-15 years old, monitor the unit for indicators of deterioration and needed repairs. Here are some common symptoms and other changes in your system's performance to watch for:


Rising Energy Bills: As air conditioners age, they frequently become less efficient, leading to higher summer energy costs. If your utility bills are increasing without significant changes in weather or usage, your AC unit might be the problem.

Frequent Repairs: Louisiana summers put significant strain on cooling systems, leading to increased repair needs as your air conditioner ages. If you're facing multiple, expensive repairs, it might be time to replace the system.

Decline in Home Comfort: If recent summers have felt as hot and humid inside as outside, it could be a sign that your air conditioner is no longer cooling your home effectively. Aging systems can also create hot and cold zones, driving up cooling costs.

If you notice any of these symptoms, contact Moreau's Air Conditioning & Heating. We'll send a technician to inspect your HVAC system to help determine if you need a new unit. Timely maintenance can help you avoid unexpected replacements and give you time to prepare financially.


AC Installation in Lake Charles LA

Installing a new AC system can be complex, especially when building a new home. Ensuring proper installation is crucial for the system's integrity and your comfort. When Moreau's Air Conditioning & Heating installs a new AC system, we aim to make the process fast and easy without compromising quality. We guarantee your satisfaction with the installation or will return to make it right.


The AC Replacement Process

Replacing an AC system is an investment, but with a few simple steps, we can make it a good one. Here are key considerations when choosing a new AC unit:


Type of AC: Choosing the best AC system for your home can be intimidating. Our team can help you weigh the pros and cons of traditional HVAC systems, heat pumps, and ductless ACs based on your home's infrastructure and potential.


Size of AC: An energy-efficient unit should cool your home, cost less money, and use less energy. Our technicians know how to calculate the correct size HVAC system that will best suit your home.


Installation: Once you've chosen the perfect HVAC System, our skilled technicians will ensure a flawless installation. We'll treat your home with respect, preventing any damage or mess during the process. We can also install "smart thermostats" and test for proper system communication.

Commercial HVAC Contractor - AC Repair - Heating Repair - Contractor - Residential and Com

Reliable Air Conditioning Service

When choosing Moreau's Heating and AC, you can expect skilled technicians with the tools and  experience needed to install your new HVAC unit properly. Our technicians are friendly, well-trained, and professional, committed to treating you and your home respectfully. From our initial service call to the completion of your installation, we promise professional customer service.


For the reliable AC replacement in Lake Charles, choose Moreau's Air Conditioning & Heating. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or speak with one of our knowledgeable HVAC professionals.

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